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Marwari  The Horse of India

Marwari The Horse of India

Marca: Equusbrasil Referência: 9786500010725

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This art book is the perfect gift for horse lovers.

A book of renowned equine photographer Paula da Silva www.pauladasilva.com  photos of Rajasthan highlighting the Marwari horse.

This coffee table book celebrates the historical heritage of Marwari horses, the indigenous breed of India.

The images in this book are different from what you will usually find: they are dynamic and often timeless. They explore the exotic and timeless rural India, and the heritage of the bravest of all war horses, the Marwari. Human and horse portraits express exoticism, and story telling is often used in Paula’s photos.  They portray the Marwari horse in its environment and cultural background.

In addition to more than 120 of Paula’s artistic photos, the book contains 20 original illustrations from the book Shaliotra, a manuscript attributed to the wisdom of Rajput ancestors and their horse-dependent lifestyle. Dating back to somewhere in the 1500s, the Shaliotra is widely recognized as one of the first war-horse treatises in the world. Originating as a source of fundamental veterinary knowledge, it was transmitted orally by the Vedic sage Shaliotra and written down by one of his disciples. In 16 pages of texts you will know the origins and current situation of Marwari breed, highlighting the context in which horses took part in the rich history of India.

The ancient origins of the Marwari breed are rooted in the lands of Marwar (or Malani), the arid region of western Rajasthan, in the North of India. Much of what can be said about the Marwari breed today comes to us through ancestral legends, traditions and literature that have traversed the centuries, mingling “fact” and “fiction” which come together through threads that, one way or another, make it clear why the horse has remained at the heart of current identities and identifications. Legend and historical record also merge as we flesh out the significance of the horse in Indian cultures of war and conquest.

This is a book like no other: precious, prestigious and even emotional at times.

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  • Marca: Equus Brasil
  • Formato: Livro Impresso
  • Peso: 1365
  • Páginas: 160
  • Autor: Paula Da Silva
  • Edição: 1ª edição
  • Ano: 2020
  • Encadernação: Capa Dura
  • Largura: 26
  • Altura: 32
  • Origem: Brasil
  • Idiomas: Inglês
  • Classificação indicativa: Livre para todos os públicos

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